Rally I / Rally II

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Class Time: 6 PM
Class Length: 6 weeks
Class Tier: Tier C
Class Session: 2022 Session 5
Day/Location: Tuesdays/Versa Dog Sports

Please note all dogs must be crate trained for this class and handlers must bring a crate.

This class will be a blended class of Rally I and Rally II tiers. For those wanting to focus on Rally I curricula, it will be best if handler/dog teams are nearing advancement from Rally I to Rally II tiers. Rally I portion is designed to be the next step up from Rally Foundations. This is a perfect class for those who would like to improve their dog to handler engagement and focus. Exercises are all completed on leash. Handlers may talk to and encourage their dogs while walking the courses making Rally a fun and positive learning environment. Rally II (Excellent and Masters) portion is designed for dogs and handlers with prior Rally Obedience experience at the Rally Advanced Level or higher. Rally II will instruct dog and handler teams on the correct way to perform full Excellent and Master courses incorporating the Rally signs. This class will assist handlers with understanding the rules, interpreting AKC Rally signs, and performing the exercises. Students will focus on learning how to maneuver around an Excellent or Master course, but all levels of Rally signs will be incorporated. Rally II is designed for handlers interested in showing their dog in Rally Obedience, but also welcomes the pet owner wanting to develop their relationship with their dog in preparation for further obedience or agility training!

Participants must arrive 15 minutes early to assist in ring set up and stay to assist in ring take down-no exception.