Rally Foundations

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Class Time: 6:15 pm
Class Length: 8 weeks
Class Tier: Tier B
Class Day/Location: Tuesdays/Versa Dog Sports
Class Session: 2023 Session 4

Rally Foundations is designed for handlers with no prior experience in Rally Obedience, or for those wishing to gain a better understanding of the signs used in AKC Rally. It is the perfect class for students wanting to build teamwork with their dog while improving obedience skills in a relaxed environment. Rally is considered a great stepping stone from the Tier A classes to Agility, Trick Dog, or advanced obedience training! This class will assist handlers with understanding the rules, interpreting AKC Rally signs, and performing the exercises. Students will focus on learning the Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced exercises, but Excellent and Master signs will be covered depending on student needs and skill levels. Rally Fundamentals is designed for the pet owner wanting to develop their relationship with their dog! Rally Obedience is a sport in which the dog and handler, moving at their own pace, complete a course consisting of 10-20 designated stations, each with a sign providing instructions regarding the skill that is to be performed. Unlimited communication from the handler to the dog is encouraged, and handlers are allowed to talk, praise, and use any other verbal means of encouragements. Please note that students will be expected to work with their dog outside of class; homework will be given in order to successfully learn all AKC Rally signs by the end of class session.