Mini Clinic-Intro to Frisbee League

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Class Length: Clinic/Single Night
Class Time: 6-7:30PM
Class Session: 2020 Session 5
Date: 10/27/20

If your dog loves to play fetch, then this sport is for you.  Anyone who plays with their furry friend, knows play  is a great way to give them exercise, mental stimulation, and strengthens the bond between you.    Joining a Frisbee league can seem overwhelming, when you are unsure of what all is involved with the game.  This clinic will show you what actually happens at a league night. If you would like to try your dog out to get an idea of how they will take to it, please bring a frisbee (cannot have a hole in the center), ensure your dog is leashed, and most of all your desire to have fun!!  This clinic will be taught outside in the courtyard at Golden Spike Event Center.


Dogs must be crated when not practicing during this clinic for the safety of all dogs.