Mini Clinic – Barn Hunt – 7 PM

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Class Length: Clinic/Single Night
Class Time: 7 PM
Class Session: 2022 Session 1
Date: 03/29/2022

Barn hunt, the new K9 sport that is sweeping the nation, in which your dog finds rats in PVC tubes on a course made from straw. The uniqueness of the sport typically intrigues people from the first mention in conversation. People begin to think about their puppy chasing squirrels or rabbits, and they wonder if the dog would enjoy “crittering” in a more formal setting. Barn hunt is a sport that combines canine instincts and hunting with strategy and teamwork, try it once and your dog could be addicted! In this class we will cover the basics of Barn Hunt, and introduce your canine to rats and get that nose working. This is an intro class to introduce your dog to the rat scent and straw bales. Come out and have some fun!!