Agility Sequencing: Jumps & Tunnels

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Class Time: 7 PM
Teacher: NAME
Class Length: 8 weeks
Class Tier: Tier C
Day/Location: Thursday/Versa Dog Sports
Class Session: 2023 Session 3

This class starts on Thursday, August 3rd and will be held at Versa Dog Sports.

Time: 7:00 pm-8:30

This class is designed for handlers who have completed Foundation Agility Handling. However, any team that is already competing in agility or almost ready to compete in agility can enroll. Sequences will have at least 16 obstacles, but teams can opt to handle a smaller portion of the sequence.  Courses will only include jumps and tunnels.  Handlers will need to bring a crate for their dog and arrive on time to class to help set up equipment. Dogs will work off leash, and therefore, must exhibit a strong recall and good basic obedience skills.

Additional Information

Pre-Requisite: Dogs older than 6 months. Passed all Tier A classes: CGC, FIC, and Ob I or similarly structured training classes. Instructors may waive pre-requisites depending on previous training and the dog/handler team. All owners must provide documentation of current vaccinations, including rabies for dogs. Equipment Needed: All students should bring a flat collar; a 6-ft leash; many soft, easy to chew, and swallow treats; and crate for your dog. All handlers should bring their dog and equipment to the first night of class.

Class Tiers

Our goal is for dog and handler teams to progress through a structured curriculum of classes that are grouped in levels of ability. Before students may progress from Tier A to Tier B, we strongly recommend teams pass all Tier A level classes. For Tier B through Tier D, progression depends on student ability.

* STAR Puppy
* Tier A classes (beginner): Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Focus and Impulse Control (FIC), and Obedience I (Ob I).
* Tier B classes (novice to intermediate): Tricks Novice/Intermediate, Agility Foundations, and Obedience II.
* Tier C classes (intermediate): Agility I and Rally I.
* Tier D classes (advanced): Agility II, Rally II, and Show N Go.
* Specialty classes (conditional).

We adapted the AKC STAR Puppy and CGC classes to fit our club needs. We offer AKC testing for these two classes at the end of every session. We suggest that teams first progress from STAR to CGC, which follows the AKC program design. Tier A level teams may then take FIC and Ob I to finish off Tier A class progression. Please talk with instructors or the Director of Training if you have questions about class progression or availability.