Foundations of Agility Handling

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Class Time: 5:30 PM
Class Length: 6 Weeks
Class Tier: Tier B
Day/Location: Thursdays/Versa
Class Session: 2022 Session 5

*This class will be held Thursday nights @ Versa from 5:30 to 6:45 PM*

Do you want to keep your dog fit and mentally stimulated while also challenging yourself mentally and physically? Then Dog Agility is the sport for you! Dog
agility is a sport where the handler (you) directs (or handles) the dog through a pre-set obstacle course within a certain time limit. In Foundations of Agility Handling, both dog and handler will learn basic turns on the flat, on jumps, and with tunnels. This is a Tier B class, and dogs are expected to have passed ALL Tier A classes prior to enrolling in this class. A reliable recall (come cue) is a necessity for all dogs who enroll in this class. This class is held on Thursdays at Versa Dog Training in Layton. Handlers will need to bring a crate to class for their dog.

Additional Information

Pre-Requisite: Dogs older than 6 months. Passed all Tier A classes: CGC, FIC, and Ob I or similarly structured training classes. Instructors may waive pre-requisites depending on previous training and the dog/handler team. All owners must provide documentation of current vaccinations, including rabies for dogs. Equipment Needed: All students should bring a flat collar; a 6-ft leash; many soft, easy to chew, and swallow treats; and crate for your dog. All handlers should bring their dog and equipment to the first night of class.