Focus and Impulse Control

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Classes not currently available for registration. Next class session is 2022 Session 5, starting on Tue 10-04-2022.
Public registration starts Sat 09-24-2022 8:00 AM, GSDOC members can register early on Thu 09-22-2022 8:00 AM.
Registration for everyone closes on Fri 09-30-2022 11:59 PM.

Class Time: 7 PM
Class Length: 6 weeks
Class Tier: Tier A
Class Session: 2022 Session 5
Day/Location: Tuesday/Versa Dog Sports

The Focus and Impulse Control (FIC) class will reinforce and build on the obedience and focus exercises learned in STAR Puppy and CGC, but present them under more difficult distractions and environmental conditions. The instructors will encourage teams to sharpen their performance, provide tools to improve impulse control, and inspire a solid commitment between dogs and their handlers and families. This class will help teams understand that patience and calm behaviors provide positive learning environments and yields the greatest results. Dogs will learn that focusing on their handler is much more rewarding than focusing on their surrounding environment. This focus work will help the dog control impulse behaviors, such as lunging, barking, and sniffing; and execute commands more quickly and correctly. This class incorporates many games with handlers and dog. No suggested pre-requisites. 6ft non-retractable lease required.