Behavioral Challenges & Problem Solving

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Class Time: 8 PM
Class Length: 8 weeks
Class Tier: Tier A
Class Session: 2022 Session 1

ON THE FIRST NIGHT OF CLASS, DO NOT BRING YOUR DOGS. This class is for all ages of dogs who have passed STAR Puppy or similar course. Dogs are typically over 1 yr., have not passed CGC, and exhibit moderate behavioral issues. This class is not for aggressive dogs, such as those dogs whom repeatedly and actively look for trouble and start it with either other dogs or people. Rather, this class is for dogs whose behavior is not considered well mannered, such as – but not limited to – excessive jumping; mild to moderate recreational-self rewarding barking; bullying; doorbell reactivity; resource guarding; relentless and hard leash pulling; “friendly”, attention-getting nipping; or just mildly grumpy dogs.

This class is by referral from GSDOC instructors or approval from the instructor prior to attending class. Only six dogs will be selected for the class. Dog/handler teams must commit to attending every week and implementing homework.

The instructor has the right to deny training for any dog at any time, irrespective of whether they fit the definition of “Assertive/Aggressive”.