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Class Time: 6 PM
Class Length: 6 weeks
Class Tier: Tier B
Class Session: 2022 Session 5
Day/Location: Thursdays/Versa Dog Sports (Layton)

This class held on THURSDAYS at Versa Dog Training in Layton!

Dog agility is a sport where the handler (you) directs (or handles) the dog through a pre-set obstacle course within a certain time limit.  Most of these obstacles will be jumps, but the rest of the obstacles will be contact obstacles and weave poles.  In Contact and Weave Pole Foundations handlers will teach their dogs how to complete the contact obstacles and weave poles correctly. This is a Tier B class, and dogs are expected to have passed ALL Tier A classes prior to enrolling in this class.  A reliable recall (come cue) is a necessity for all dogs who enroll in this class.  This class is held on Fridays at Versa Dog Training in Layton. Handlers will need to bring a crate to class for their dog.