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Go to Products in Dashboard Nav Menu

(Easiest way to create a new product/class is to look at list of existing products, mouse hover over one of them, and select the Duplicate option.  This will create a copy of the product in draft mode, and put you into the editor, where you can make changes as needed.)

• Enter the title of the class at the top of the edit screen.

• In first text box, fill out Class Description

• Do NOT fill out Short Description

• In Product Data box, class must be set to Simple Product, and must have Virtual and Downloadable both checked (even if no download is attached).

• In General tab for this product, make sure Download limit and Download Expiry are both blank (or Unlimited/Never). The Regular Price field should be set to the Public price for the class.

• In Membership tab for the product, set both GSDOC Individual and Family memberships to the correct membership price.

• In Attributes tab for the product, select from existing values of Class Time, Class Length, Class Tier and Class Session values. (If new values are needed for these, they can be added under Dashboard Nav Menu/Products/Attributes and edit the appropriate attribute.)

• In Custom Tabs for the product, under tab title “Additional Class Information”, fill out more detailed class description and information.

• In Custom Tabs for the product, under tab title “Class Tiers”, it will populate from Saved Tab with Tier info (don’t need to change or edit).

• In Categories on far right of product editor screen, select “All Classes” (so it shows on the list of all classes we might ever offer, and “Class Registration” so it shows on currently offered classes for sale, or instead choose “Inactive” if it’s not currently for sale.

• If there is to be a downloadable file for this class, in General tab for product, there is a place to add Downloadable files. Select the Add File button, it will take you to the media library to choose which file. If this is a new file, select the upload files tab on this screen and it will allow you to upload a file which you can then select. These should be PDF files.

• On the Inventory tab, Manage Stock should be checked, Stock Quantity should be set to number of seats available in class, Allow Backorders should be “Do Not Allow”, and low-stock threshold should be set (I was using 2), which will send an email to admin and


• For products/classes not being offered in current class session, they should have categories set to both ‘All Classes’ and ‘Inactive’ (instead of ‘Class Registration’).


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