GSDOC Participant Code of Conduct


While attending classes with GSDOC, participants are expected to follow these basic rules and expectations:

  1. Your first priority during class is your dog. Avoid distractions as much as possible, if you must take a call or text please step away from the group. Please do not bring children to class unless they are the handler and you are there to assist them.  You and your pet’s learning are our number one priority please try to devote your time to your pet during class.
  2. Be in the assigned place with appropriate equipment (i.e. treats, leashes, water, poop bags), ready for class at the designated time that class begins. We understand that life happens and you may be late, however please make a best effort.
  3. Under no circumstance allow your dog to come into contact with another dog without your instructor’s permission during class. This causes a distraction for all dogs in the class and not all dogs like dog friends. We try to provide a safe space for all dogs.  If you want to socialize after or prior to class with the other owner’s consent that is up to you.
  4. Always ask if you can pet someone’s dog prior to petting the dog. While GSDOC does not allow aggressive dogs some handlers may be working on training at that time.
  5. Abuse toward your dog in any manner will not be tolerated this includes but is not limited to: screaming, hitting, choking, kicking, shocking, alpha rolls etc.
  6. Be polite and respectful to everyone, including other participants, instructors, other dogs and staff.
  7. Follow individual instructor class rules, instructions and expectations at all times. Harassment or inappropriate altercations with instructors will not be tolerated.  Our instructors are volunteers and doing their best.  Should you have a concern regarding your instructor during class please contact the Training Director:
  8. Class attendance and participation in class are an essential part of the training process.  Furthermore, it allows owners and their dogs to achieve the maximum possible benefits from their class.
  9. Buckle collars, Harnesses and Martingales are the preferred collar of choice in classes. If you feel that you need a prong or choke type collar please work with your instructor to find alternative methods or understand proper use and fit. e-collars of any kind are not allowed.
  10. While on the grounds of our training location(s) you must clean up after your dog after every poop. If you do not have a bag ask someone, we are happy to lend a bag.
  11. At no time will the following be tolerated: Bullying, belittling others, name calling, trash talking, negative attitudes and comments, racism, stalking, harassments, intimidation tactics or persecution.  GSDOC holds a zero tolerance policy on these items and it will be grounds for expulsion from the club.