GSDOC Club Board Elections Update!

Board nominations will be announced at the April 12th General Meeting. We currently are still looking for a Treasurer, a Communications Director, a Membership Director and a Co-Director for Training. These positions are vital to the continued purposes of the club moving forward. Below are descriptions of each open position. If you would like to volunteer to fill one of these positions or have any questions regarding a position, please contact Alma Fong at

Treasurer: Pays the club’s bills, collects money for various activities and keeps the club’s accounts up to date. These duties usually take 5-10 hours a month depending on events being held.

Communication Director: Attends board meetings and notes any information that needs to be sent to club members by email, the newsletter or Facebook.

Membership Director: Keeps track of membership roll, removes expired members and approves new members after they have completed membership requirements. Membership records are maintained on Microsoft spreadsheets. These duties take about 2 hours a month.

Training Co-Director: Creates session schedules for upcoming year. Coordinates what classes will be offered based on teacher availability and when those classes will be held. She/he updates the website with session information and responds to inquiries submitted through website email. This position takes 12-20 hours per month but will be shared with the current Training Director, Shea Garcia.

Please plan to attend the April 12th meeting when nominations will be announced and on May 10, 2022 when the election will be held.