Dogs on Parade!

dog parade

In lieu of our fall social this year we are honoring our amazing veterans!  We will be having a “dog parade” at the George E. Whalen Veterans home on September 8 at 6:45PM.  Put your dogs in costume if you like, maybe you have a matching costume although neither are required!  Time to show off those tricks you have been practicing!! The veterans home is down the street from Golden Spike Event Center where we normally train.  We would love to bring some smiles to everyone’s faces!  Address is 1102 1200 “W”Street Ogden, UT.  For more information you may email [email protected]  We would love to have you and your dog at this event!  Social distancing will be adhered to and masks are encouraged.

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2020 Session 4 class registration begins soon!


Early Bird GSDOC Members-Only Class Registration will start August 6th, Public Registration will start August 8th for our 2020 Session 4 classes that begin on August 18th.  Select ‘Class Registration’ from the menu bar to see the list of upcoming classes.

Registration opens on the morning of these dates, just after midnight (12:01 AM).

Remember that you’ll need to be logged into this website and have added your dog information, including vaccination dates, before you can register for a class.  Dog Information

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