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Welcome to our January 2021 Newsletter!

Hello fellow dogs lovers, our next general meeting will be February 9th. Please remember to wear your masks and social distance to keep everyone safe.

Fill the bowl update!

The passed few months we have been taking donations for Street dawg crew. Alma delivered our donations on Christmas eve. We were able to collect just over 100 pounds of food, as well as treats harness' and leashes! Street Dawg Crew offers assistance to those in salt lake county area, that are homeless or low income and insure they can provide food/ supplies and medical treatment for their pets. They are also teamed up with meals on wheels to make sure any pets in those homes that need food are provided with food. Thank you everyone for all the donations so we could help them make a difference!

Zen update

Zen, my Bouvier boy, was invited to participate in the first ever American Kennel Club National FASTCAT event in Orlando FL the second week in December. FASTCAT is a 100 yard dash that is timed for speed. Zen has been the fastest Bouvier to run for the last 3 years. AKC invited the top dog from each breed to compete for three days and then the final they averaged the time of each of the runs to see who came out on top. Out of 102 dogs, Zen took 19th place for pure speed and 14th for speed compared to the breed’s average speed. On the 2nd day of competition, Zen took 3rd place for Large dogs in pure speed! He came in behind the Large All American Dog (which was part Greyhound) and then the Greyhound. We were all excited with that performance! The final event was broadcast on the ESPN Fastest Dogs USA (we are about 35 minutes into the 2 hour show if it comes out on reruns). Not bad for the old guy - he turned 6 in Sept and most of the dogs were between 2-4 years old. Fini (his littermate sister) came too as Zen’s support dog - and the three of us drove out to Orlando and back. staying in hotels across the country. It was interesting to see the different COVID safety rules and procedures implemented as we moved across the country. I went through a whole lot of hand sanitizer and wipes where ever we went as wells as masks everywhere. Overall the AKC event was run well after the first day of working out the kinks of putting on an event. The weather was cool so great for running the dogs, everyone on site had their temperature taken upon arrival each day and couldn’t go anywhere unless the temperature OK sticker was on your shirt. We were able to get in and see some of the confirmation events going on as well as visit and shop with the vendors.
Good boy Zen! Nice work!

Board Member Position Opening

Secretary for GSDOC:A fairly easy position to get more involved with the club. We need someone that is available one to two nights a month. You will need to take notes of the general meeting, and the board of directors meeting. These minutes will need to then be typed up prior to the next directors meeting, and once approved added to the storage folders of club minutes.
This was written by the current secretary Shea. Please reach out if you are interested or have any questions.

Training Director Message - Session 5

Training Director Message - Session 5
Author: admin

Training Director Message....

Our #1 priority is keeping our instructors and participants safe during this time. If you are signed up for classes starting Tuesday night 10/20/20 we will be strictly only allowing one handler per dog unless the handler is a child requiring a parent. Others will be asked to wait outside. Do not bring your significant others, friends, kids etc. Masks are required inside the building and classes will be held inside the building. If you are feeling ill or have been around someone feeling ill do not attend class. Please let me know if you have any questions. Training Director, Dana Crawford email:

AKC Licensed Obedience & Rally Trials

We have an obedience trial come up March 26-28 at Legacy events center in Farmington. Accepting Entries for all AKC Recognized Breeds
& Dogs Listed as ILP, PAL, or AKC Canine Partners. Entries open January 27, 2021. Entries close Wednesday March 10, 2021 at 5:00
p.m. MDT at the secretary address after which time entries cannot be accepted. We will also be doing a Facebook live on our Facebook page for those interested. If you have further questions please reach out to us and we can send you more information. If you want to learn more about obedience here is a link to AKC that has tons of information for you
AKC National Obedience Championship 2019

English Setter

"Poppy is an English Setter. She is a beautiful sweet girl who is learning many new things. We adopted Poppy from the Southwest English Setter Rescue. She wasn’t an inside dog so everything about our house has been new including sharing the space with our other ES Bella. She is 15 months old but is not house trained which has been difficult but hopefully she is getting the hang of it. Having a big sister to show her the ropes has helped a lot. Many of you will get to meet her as she starts taking obedience classes during session 2. Please come find us and introduce yourself and your dog." - Alma Fong
We will start featuring a breed of the month as well as a rescue of the month. If you have ideas of breeds you would like to learn about/ or have a rescue pet send us a message. We will spot light different dogs and different breeds. Since Poppy is an English setter here is a little description of the breed from AKC. "
English Setters are elegant but solid dogs of beauty and charm. The word “belton,” unique to the breed, describes the speckled coat patterns of colors that sound good enough to eat: liver, lemon, and orange among them. Under the showy coat is a well-balanced hunter standing about 25 inches at the shoulder.
A graceful neck carries a long, oval-shaped head proudly, and dark brown eyes convey a soft expression. The merry English Setter is known as the gentleman of the dog world but is game and boisterous at play. English Setters get on well with other dogs and people. A veteran all-breed dog handler says, “As a breed to share one’s life and living space with, no other breed gives me more pleasure than the English Setter.” - AKC
They range in height from 23-27 inches and weigh anywhere from 45-80 pounds and generally live around 12 years.


Happy New Year!

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