Golden Spike Dog Obedience Club (GSDOC)

April 2024
Congrats to our club members who took the first four places in rally at our trial in March! Pictured from left to right: Tami Olsen, Karyn Forsey, Ruthie Arnold, and Judy Curtain.

Our next general meeting is on Tuesday

Our next meeting is Tuesday, April 9 at 6 p.m. at Versa. Ann will do a rally demonstration. There will be door prizes. Bring your dog for socialization and also your own chair if you can.

Meet our board candidates

President: Alma Fong
I don’t remember how I found GSDOC, but I do remember how it felt being part of a dog community after losing my own dog. I hadn’t decided if I wanted another dog at that time, but I came and watched some classes and attended a meeting. There was a comfort in watching people and their dogs working together. It was a partnership I knew I would miss if I didn’t let myself love another dog. I now enjoy the love and high energy of two wonderful English Setter girls Bella and Poppy. Joining the club was an easy choice for me. Having the opportunity to serve on the board is my way to say, thank you.

Vice President: Ruthie Arnold
I have recently reconnected with Golden Spike Dog Obedience Club. I first became a member in 2017. I have three dogs and three horses and have been a country girl all my life. My oldest dog is a miniature aussie named Ice. She is our herder bringing the horses in at night to feed. She is 12 and a little chunky, but healthy. Then there is Raizon who just turned seven. He has gone all the way through the classes at GSDOC and is continuing to improve with rally and obedience. We are starting to show again after taking two years off. I have recently gotten a boxer puppy who is now 12 weeks and starting the puppy class.

Secretary: Ann Miller
My husband and I have always had dogs. I became fascinated with Belgian Tervurens when I met my neighbor’s Terv’s 20 years ago. I am now on my fourth Terv. I am obsessed with agility. It is such a fun team sport for my dogs and me. It gives Terv’s an important job which is critical because they are such active dogs. We also do formal obedience to support living as good dog citizens in the community and it is critical for agility. I currently have Masi (4) and Ziva (7) both competing in agility and obedience.

Treasurer: Denise Gniot
I’m Denise Gniot and these are my dogs twelve-year-old Atticus, an English setter, and five-year-old Indy, a standard dachshund and Phoebe, a one and a half year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Training Director: Ashleigh Young
I joined GSDOC in 2021 when I moved to Utah, previously being an active member of the Linn County Kennel Club in Oregon. I started competing in hunt trials with my German Shorthair Pointer as a teen, which led to obedience, which led to rally, which led to scent work, barn hunt, dock diving, agility and just about any other sport I can throw my hat in. I have been invited to four national championships with my dogs in the last couple years. Professionally, I am the Director of Animal Care of Davis County, the only municipal animal shelter in Davis County that cares for 4,500 homeless pets annually. I have been in this field for nearly 15 years and have vast experience working with any type of dog you can imagine with various training backgrounds. I deeply enjoy volunteering my time to teach GSDOC classes to help support the community with low cost training resources. I look forward to working with what I consider to be an exceptionally talented, experienced, and knowledgeable board in 2024/25.

Communication Director: Melissa Meyer
I found GSDOC when our field spaniel, Aalto, was small. We started in Star Puppy and moved up the levels. Aalto's favorite class is scent work, but he enjoys anything with other people, dogs and treatos. This club is a great resource for our community and I'm looking forward to serving another year and taking more classes with Aalto.

Membership Director: Meridan Frost
I have been a member of the Golden Spike Dog Obedience Club for about two decades, I think. One of my earliest, and most fond memories, is when my disabled daughter came to a club sponsored event at the Weber County Fairgrounds. It was some sort of race with your dog, and she brought her rescue dog, Gizmo.
She had just gotten her wheelchair and she wasn’t adjusted to it very well. The race with the dog was a perfect opportunity for her to cover some distance without struggling with her crutches or her walker.
This little energizer bunny of a dog was game for them to participate. My one big takeaway from the experience were the tears of the ladies who put the event on for the club at the sight of them finishing the race. I think that’s when I decided to join. I have experienced a lot of ups and downs, lots of health issues with my family members, but dogs have always been the constant in my life. My constant & unwavering companion, the listening ear, the soft eyed comforter, my dog. As I have told others, life is not life without a dog. Currently we have two Golden Retrievers, Rosie and Theo. My spouse recently remarked that if Theo gets any bigger, we will be able to put a saddle on him. I believe in training our dogs so that they are a joy to our families, and so that they are civilized when out in public.
Elections will be held at the May 14th General meeting. If you would like to run for any of these positions or nominate someone else please contact Alma Fong at We will also be voting on bylaws at the May general meeting.

Upcoming GSDOC Events

WHAT: General Meeting—Rally demo with Ann Miller
WHEN: April 9 @ 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
WHERE: Versa Dog Training
WHAT: General Meeting—Board Elections
WHEN: May 14 @ 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
OTHER: Pizza and cake will be provided. There will be door prizes and you may bring your dog for socialization.
WHAT: Summer break—no classes or general meetings
WHEN: June and July
WHAT: Agility Trial
WHEN: July 12-14
WHERE: Scotsman Center, Mountain Green

Other area events

WHAT: Fast Cat Speed Trial for all breeds/mixed breeds
WHEN: May 3-5, 2024
WHERE: USU Bastian Agricultural Center, South Jordan
OTHER: Entry form available soon on the Utah Sight Hounds website. Event in conjunction with the Beehive Cluster dog shows.
WHAT: Desert Rats Barn Hunt Club of Utah, LLC
WHEN: May 17-19, 2024
WHERE: Cache County Fairgrounds, Logan
OTHER: Enter online
WHAT: AKC Fetch Tests hosted by Bristle Nose AKC Club
WHEN: Saturday, June 1, 2024
WHERE: Three Gates Dog Sports, West Haven, UT
OTHER: Check soon for premium.

Your 2024 Board Members are:

President: Alma Fong

Vice President: Cindy Overdahl

Secretary: Ann Miller

Treasurer: Denise Gnoit
Training Director: Vacant, until elections

Membership Director: Meridian Frost

Communications Director:
Melissa Meyer
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