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Welcome to our April 2023 Newsletter!


WHEN: April 11th @ 6pm
WHERE: Versa, Layton
OTHER INFO: Please bring your dogs favorite treat
WHEN: April 29th @ 10am
WHERE: Kaysville East Mountain Wilderness Park
OTHER INFO: Gravel road, considered a "easy" hike, but does have some incline.
WHEN: May 9th @ 6pm
WHERE: Andy Adams Park, Layton
OTHER INFO: Vote online by clicking here.
WHEN: June 13th @ 6pm
WHERE: Versa, Layton

April General Meeting

Thank you for attending our General meeting last month, the barn hunt seminar was so much fun! We had a misprint in our Newsletter last month that our April meeting will be Dock Diving. We are postponing that event until later in the summer when the weather is a little bit warmer. So, instead, we will be having some seasonal fun at Versa on April 11th at 6PM for a doggy Easter egg hunt. Please bring your dogs favorite treat to search for or we will have birch odor available for our trained scent work dogs.

2023 - 2024 GSDOC Board Elections

Board nominations will be announced at the April 11th General Meeting. We currently are still looking for a Director of Training and a Assistant Director of Training. These positions are vital to the continued purposes of the club moving forward. Below are descriptions of each open position. If you would like to volunteer to fill one of these positions or have any questions regarding a position, please contact Cindy Orvedahl at
  • Training Director: Creates session schedules for the upcoming year. Coordinates what classes will be offered based on teach availability and when those classes will be held. She/he updates the website with session information and responds to inquiries summited through the website email.
  • Assistant Training Director: Assists the Training Director in coordinating classes and teachers. Assists in responding to inquiries through the website.
NEW Virtual Voting will be available this year by clicking here. Online voting will only be open on May 9th and you may only vote once - either online or in person.
Please plan to attend the April 11, 2023 meeting when nominations will be announced and on May 09, 2023 when the election will be held.

Dog Aging Project

The Dog Aging Project is an innovative initiative that brings together a community of dogs, owners, veterinarians, researchers and volunteers to carry out the most ambitious canine healthy study in the world and YOU can contribute by completing a short survey. They welcome ALL dogs—young and old, mixed breed and purebred, healthy and those with chronic illness. You can go to to learn about the project and to sign up.


Registration for 2023 Session 2 classes is upon us. Member registration begins April 13th. Public Registration opens on April 15th. Classes start on April 25th. We have a confirmed and exciting list of classes this session including:
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • AKC Fit Dog
  • Introduction to Rally
  • Agility Handling Foundations (Thursday night at Versa)
  • S.T.A.R Puppy
  • Advanced Scent work (Monday night, various locations)
All classes, except Advanced Scent Work, will be held at Versa Dog Training - 1473 N 1000 E, Layton, UT 84041.

The Advanced Scent work class will mimic the trial setting for dogs already on odor and be out and about at different parks and locations around Davis and Weber County.

See you there!


Since our monthly member meeting this month is centered around scent work - so is our trivia! The first member to email with the correct answer will win a prize at our next monthly meeting!

Dogs can smell up to _________ times better than humans.

A. 10,000

B. 100

C. 100,000

D. 1,000,000

Teachers Needed!

Have you ever wondered who your GSDOC teachers are? They are dedicated club member just like you and me. It’s one of the most important volunteer jobs in the entire club, meeting one of our core pillars of existence, offering low cost training opportunities to club members and the public, alike. No specific certifications or requirements are needed to teach with GSDOC, just a willingness to learn and ability to work with your students to train the dogs in front of us. There is no more rewarding role than teaching or assisting to teach a class for the club.

We have several opportunities available for next session for assistants, including in many of our puppy and CGC classes, a great first step to taking on a class all of your own. We are also specifically looking for those who can teach AKC Puppy Class and higher level classes for our more seasoned members in agility, competitive obedience, rally and conformation.

Our Training Director is happy to connect with you, offer mentorship and support. You can get involved at any level or capacity you are wanting to take on. Please email us at for more information.

Upcoming Utah Dog Events

Utah Beehive Cluster | Conformation, Rally, Obedience | May 03 - 07
Salty Dogz Agility Club of Utah | Agility | May 27-29
Mount Ogden Kennel Club | Conformation | May 18- 21
Desert Rats Barn Hunt | Barn Hunt | May 19-21
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