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Welcome to our December 2020 Newsletter!

Hello fellow dogs lovers, in order to keep everyone safe there will be no general meeting upcoming in January due to Covid and trying to keep everyone safe! Our next general meeting will be February 9th, 2021. Our next session will start January 28, members can register on January 14 and registration is open to the public on January 16. Get ready to have some fun with our upcoming classes.

Holiday Photo Contest

We want to see your dogs in their holiday best! Please submit photos of your doggies all dressed up for the holidays to Elizabeth at She will post the photos on our Facebook page as well as our website. We will feature the top ten in next months newsletter. So lets see those dogs strutting their stuff!

Titles and recognition

Remember Joan Farnum's dog Zen? She sent us some pictures and more information about FAST CAT that they competed in this month. Here's what she had to say "Zen Earned his FCAT title this fall with a total of 1018.39 points. This is the third year in a row that he is AKC’s Fastest Bouiver! For the ACK Nationals, this is the first time they are including FASTCAT in their annual event. They used the AKC 2019 records for their invite list and Zen's top 3 highest speeds averaged 28.66 MPH. His fastest run ever was 29.14 MPH recorded in 2019. For 2020, his top 3 fastest average is 27.78 MPH, but at 6 years old, slowing down is natural. " Below is a picture of Zen and next month we will include an update on how Zen did! He looks quite proud of himself!
Zen FCAT (1)

Vietnam Combat War Dog Monument

We came across an interesting new article about the Vietnam war dogs that saved so many lives with their heroic work! We are summarizing the article here however if you are interested in finding the article it is in the Standard- Examiner December 7th, 2020 paper. There is now a monument in the Layton commons park honoring our veteran dogs that saved us during the war by finding bombs to help keep our soldiers safe. In 2018 there was a monument made honoring the fallen soldiers from Vietnam however, the veterans wanted to recognize all of the K9 hero's that didn't make it back from Vietnam for one reason or another. Its amazing how loyal and brave companions our dogs can be for us and give up their lives to protect their handlers.

Training Director Message - Session 5

Training Director Message - Session 5
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Training Director Message....

Our #1 priority is keeping our instructors and participants safe during this time. If you are signed up for classes starting Tuesday night 10/20/20 we will be strictly only allowing one handler per dog unless the handler is a child requiring a parent. Others will be asked to wait outside. Do not bring your significant others, friends, kids etc. Masks are required inside the building and classes will be held inside the building. If you are feeling ill or have been around someone feeling ill do not attend class. Please let me know if you have any questions. Training Director, Dana Crawford email:


Merry Christmas!!

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