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Welcome to our June 2022 Newsletter!

A message from the GSDOC Board President

The past three months have been filled with change for GSDOC. The club moved from a location it had been at for many years and started offering classes at a variety of locations as we adapted to our new reality. The good news is we have found a permanent location that is specifically designed for dogs. Starting June 16, 2022, GSDOC will be moving to Versa Dog Sports in Layton. We have been using this facility for agility classes for a couple of years. Their new expansion will allow us to teach all our classes there. We will also be hosting our Obedience Trial there in March of 2023.

There have been inquiries regarding Session 3 classes over the past few days. We are not able to offer a large class selection this session due to a shortage of teachers. We are offering a six-week three-class option. Foundations of Agility Handling and Scent Work Foundations will be taught at Versa Dog Sports in Layton. Intro to Dock Diving will be taught at Sea Dogz in Ogden. All classes will begin on June 16, 2022. Registration is open on the website for all
classes. Class Registration - Golden Spike Dog Obedience Club (GSDOC)

Upcoming Events and Member Volunteer Opportunities

June General Meeting will be held on June 14th at 6 pm.
Location: Andy Adams Park 1713 E 1000 N, Layton Utah 84040
Please bring a chair or blanket to sit on in case the pavilion is unavailable

AKC Fit Dog Walk Schedule
July 16th at 9 am
Riverdale Weber River Parkway Trail
4600 Weber River Dr
Riverdale, Utah 84405
We will meet at the city building and head North towards Fort Buenaventura. This is a paved trail and easy trail to walk. Please bring water, poop bags, and appropriate gear for the walk.
Mark your calendars for future walks: August 20th at 830 am, September 24th at 830 and October 22nd at 10 am.

Agility Trial Event
The Agility Trial will be held on July 8th, 9th, and 10th at 8 am
Scotsman Center
5859 Cottonwood Canyon Road
Mountain Green, Ut 84050.
To volunteers please contact Kim Hanken at

Have you visited the GSDOC store? What a better way to represent the Club with some amazing swag. GSDOC STORE: Golden Spike Dog Obedience Club (

New Membership is currently on hold. It will be reevaluated in Fall 2022.


June is the official start of summer and National Pet Preparedness Month. Here are a few pointers for being prepared in the event of an emergency.
Identification- Microchips provide the one form of identification that can not be lost even if your pet is. Microchipping is a simple procedure that can be performed in a vet’s office or at some animal shelters. A microchip about the size of a piece of rice is implanted between your pet’s shoulders and when scanned will display all the information needed to reunite you and your pet. Be sure to keep collar tags up to date and easy to read. It is recommended that you also keep a photo of yourself and your pet on hand to help identify your pet at a shelter if needed.
Safe location- In the event of an emergency know ahead of time where you can take your pet. A friend or family member’s house, a pet-friendly hotel, or a boarding facility are all good options. Keep phone numbers and addresses handy. It is also important to keep vaccination records in a safe easily accessible location.
Stay together- Make sure you and your pet are not accidentally separated. Always transport your pet on a leash or crated to insure that your potentially frightened pet doesn’t escape in an attempt to return to your home. Check your pet’s leash, collar, or harness for wear and replace it if necessary.
Assemble an emergency kit- A few days of food and water, medicine, vet information, emergency numbers, food and water dishes, a simple first aid kit and an extra leash are basics. A familiar toy or blanket as well as a special treat can comfort a pet in a stressful situation.
Have a fun and safe summer!
Alma Fong - Board President


At this time of year, it is common for people to go on road trips with their dogs. There are some things that many people forget to bring or fail to remember about their dogs that are very important. Even though you may not need to go to the restroom doesn't mean your dog doesn't need to. Usually, your dog should go to the restroom after every meal (give it around 20 minutes) and on long journeys, your dog can last at MOST eight hours before going to the bathroom. So, every time you stop to get gas or stretch your legs remember to let your dog go to the bathroom. The next big thing is water, all dogs need water so when you are at these stops make sure that your dog has cool water to drink so they can stay hydrated. Along with having water you should have the tools you need to keep your dog cool in the hot car, such as a fan or a cool vest to help battle the heat. Make sure you have your dog leashed up BEFORE you let your dog out to avoid any mishaps with your dog getting out in a busy traffic area. Lastly, you should make sure your destination allows dogs before you leave, as some national parks, hotels, and in-laws don't like your dogs as much as you do. (That may have to be an article topic in itself) and this can turn your vacation into a pointless trip where you just must turn around. With some planning and research, you can have a pleasant trip and enjoy some time vacationing with your favorite companion. Happy trails!
Rowan Trammell – Junior Board Member

Dog Days of Summer

Don't understand why your dog would need eye protection? Most owners don't, especially if their furry family member just hangs with them at home. Here's the thing...even when you aren't on an adventure, do you not grab sunglasses?! Our dog's eyes are the same way, if not more sensitive.
My dogs wear them solely for protection from UV rays, sand particles, dirt particles, and any weeds/brush we may encounter on the trails! So, yes, all dogs in goggles look super cool. There is a lot of training and understanding that comes with them. I suggest anyone taking their dogs out on the Utah trails, or waterways learn to appreciate and train their dogs by having these!!
Shea Garcia - Training Director
(Pictured below are Ash and Ziva)


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