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Welcome to our May 2022 Newsletter!

Thanks for taking the time out of your daily schedule to read what's happening in our neck of the woods.
Here's some upcoming things, great information and articles for you to read.

May General Meeting will be held on May 10th at 6:00 PM at OPA. The Elections will be happening this night for the new upcoming year also.
Guest speaker will be from ACDC (Animal Control of Davis County) and they will be speaking about bite prevention.

***New locations for classes to be held will be at Ogden Preparatory Academy school, Sea Dogz, and Versa.

May 14th 9:30am-11:30am - Ogden River Trailhead - Meet at Rainbow Gardens Parking Trail Lot 1851 Valley Drive Ogden 84401
July 16th 9am Riverdale Weber River Parkway Trail 4600 Weber River Dr. Riverdale 84405
August 20th 9am TBD
September 24th 9am TBD
October 22nd 11am TBD

New Memberships will remain on pause for the time being.

Article of the Month

Author: Alma Fong- Board Member

Canine Blood: Donations and Transfusions
Like humans dogs can require blood transfusions. The greatest need arises after trauma including broken bones, cancer, immune diseases and surgeries. Transfusions are also used in the treatment of certain blood diseases such as hemolytic anemia where the body destroys its own red blood cells. Dogs who have abnormal blot clotting time can also require a transfusion.
Dogs have blood types and the right blood needs to be transfused. Dogs have at least 12 blood types. Their names refer to their different blood cells. Dog Erythrocyte Antigen or DEA 1.1, 1.2 and 1.4 can either be negative or positive. Unlike humans there is no real universal donor type in dogs. Canine type DEA 1.1 negative is least likely to cause a reaction. Greyhounds, other sight hound breeds, Boxers, Pit Bulls and Dobermans are more likely to be a “universal donor”.
Canine blood banks depend on donor dogs to keep them supplied with fresh blood. We are fortunate that the Mountain West Veterinary Specialist clinic in Layton does have emergency blood storage. You can help them by offering to donate your dog’s blood. Canine blood donations can be made there with an appointment.
Any healthy dog 1-7 years old and over 50 lbs. can donate. Your dog will have pre-screening tests done which will assess the dog’s overall health and test for various blood borne diseases. Your dog’s blood type will also be determined at this time. Giving blood takes less than twenty minutes. A dog donates 450cc or about 16 ounces. Dogs can give blood once every eight weeks and there are no negative health effects.

After the blood is collected it is separated into red blood cells and plasma. The blood is used for transfusions and the plasma is given to dogs with clotting issues and used in the treatment of dogs with Parvovirus.
Please contact the Mountain West Veterinary Specialists at 801-683-6201 if you would like to find out more about the blood donation program. The clinic is located at 908 Main Street, Layton, Ut. 84041.

Junior Article of the Month

Author: Rowan Trammell- Junior Board Member

There are many things that you can do in the summer to keep your dog cool. Here are some tips and tools that I use that seem to help. Having a cool dog in the summer is taking your dog on walks at cooler times of the day such as in the morning or at night. Not only can this help keep your dog cool, but it can also help their paws when the temperature is 90 degrees. The asphalt can be even hotter which can lead to your dog burning their paws. You can put a small pool of water in your backyard, your dog will love this and it allows them to hop in the pool whenever they want to cool off. Another useful tool you can use is a cool harness for your dog. These are simple harnesses that you pour cool water on and it distributes it to your dog's body which also cools them down. The last one is good for both you and your dog, its also probably the first one that you think of, fans! These are very useful especially if your dog is in a kennel. All you have to do is place the fan in front of the kennel and bam you have a one cool and happy puppy.

Happy May Everyone!

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