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Welcome to our February 2022 Newsletter!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and start to the New Year. Here's some upcoming things, great information and articles for you to read.

Classes on Tuesday February 8th ARE normal classes and times.

Next General Meeting will be on February 15th, 2022 from 6-7. There will be NO classes held that night. The general meeting will be held at a different location. Sea Dogz is going to be showing us a dock diving demo. PLEASE NO DOGS to this general meeting. Address to Sea Dogz: 840 W 24th Street in Ogden.

***New location for classes to be held will be at Ogden Prep Academy school. Session 2 classes will start there at this new location for the Golden Spike Dog Obedience Club.

Session 2 registration opens for members on March 31st and for non-members on April 2nd.
General Meeting for March will be on March 15th.

Obedience trial will be held in March 2022. Stay tuned for more details to come.

Sea Dogz

sea dogz logo
Author: Chrissy Nelson- Board Member

Sea Dogz is a Training and Aquatic Center for your canine. They are a local business that recently opened in the Ogden area. They offer dock diving, swimming, aquatic therapy, fitness training, and recently added; Socialization Saturday. With the Aquatic Center side they offer pool rentals, pool rental with training, mutt league tournaments, and much more to come. With their training center side they offer ring rental, local dog trainer rental, and Sea Dogz training. This is an awesome facility owned and ran by two amazing ladies: Brittney Johnson and Chrishell (Chelly) Hubbart. There is enough space for up to 12 dogs and their handlers. With having an assortment of training opportunities for all levels or space for anyone who would like to just work on refining their own skills with their canine, contact Sea Dogz. If you haven't heard of them or been by to their facility then you need to go check this place. It's located at 840 W 24th Street in Ogden. Tell them GSDOC sent ya!!

Article of the Month

Author: Alma Fong- Board Member

This is a follow up to the article on brachycephalic dogs.
On February 2, 2022 a judge in Norway’s Oslo District Court ruled that under the Norwegian Animal Welfare Act breeding bulldogs and Cavalier Spaniels is a violation.The action was brought forth by Animal Protection of Norway out of a concern for the breeds’ many life threatening health issues. The CEO’s statement following the ruling was, “For several decades, sick dogs have been bred in violation of Norwegian law. Our dogs have been victims of systemic and organized betrayal of our four legged friends.”The ruling will not stop the breeding of these dogs but provides for more science based cross-breeding. The group would also like to see efforts made to trace cross-breeding as a way to regulate these efforts.

Dog Sitting Tips

Author: Rowan Trammell- Junior Board Member

More and more people have dogs and often need someone to watch them for various reasons. So, if you are asked to watch a dog or you need someone to watch your dog here are a few things you should know.
Just because your dog is good for you doesn’t mean he will be good for me. If your dog never eats off the counter or gets into the garbage he may still do it at my house because it’s a new environment. If you are watching a dog that “never” gets into anything make sure you walk around and “puppy proof” your house by making sure doors may be shut, garbage cans are empty and things on the counter are out of reach. Also do a safety check for hazards for the dog, things they could chew or choke on. A vet and contact number is always good to leave.
Remember to be mindful if you have other pets or while taking a walk. Pets that normally get along sometimes won’t do as well in a home if one is encroaching in their space or is given attention from their owners. When walking a dog you are not as familiar with be extra careful and don’t let other dogs approach if you don’t know what training the dog has had and what the reaction could be.
Just because I’m your friendly neighbor doesn’t mean that watching your dog is convenient and it should be free or for a deal. Most dog sitting sites charge anywhere from $20-$35 per home visit and $35-$ 50 a day to watch your dog at their house. Please pay appropriately though we can sometimes work something out or trade off sitting. Please be mindful that I feel more responsible when watching someone else’s dog and probably will be more homebound.
Be honest with who is watching your dog. If your dog isn’t fully potty trained don’t tell me they are, and even if they are, they will often sniff around so make sure they go before they are dropped off, and if watching a dog, that they are let out often.Though I like instructions and like to know how much and when they eat, where they like to sleep etc, please don’t leave me a novel and expect me to be the owner you wish you were. If you don’t regularly walk your dog 5 miles a day twice a day, brush, groom, train, medicate, sing to, sleep by, play with etc., please don’t ask or expect me to do it. I love dogs and am careful when I watch them but please keep in mind sometimes things that may be out of my control (escape artist dogs, overly friendly dogs “visiting” etc. Or if your dog is prone to do these things please let the sitter know). Keep in mind that kindness is key, so if your dog is healthy, safe and happy that’s a sitting job well done!

Happy February Everyone!

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