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Welcome to our October 2021 Newsletter!


Tuesday, October 12th will be our general meeting from 6-7 pm. Classes will be pushed back to 7:15 pm. There will be a costume contest for dogs and owners. It's not recommended but highly encouraged! We will also have a photo booth again this year for pictures and our board member, Chrissy Nelson, will be the photographer.

Don't forget Session 5 registration opens October 14th for members, October 16th for non-members, and classes start on October 26th!

Agility Trials will be held at the Weber County Fair Grounds in the riding arena on January 28th- 30th 2022.

Plain City Disc Dogs

Author: Chrissy Nelson- Board Member

Disc dogs. Has anyone ever heard of this or even played it with their dog? If you have a dog that loves to play fetch or catch with a frisbee, then this sport is for them! This picture above is my girl Rosie. She LOVES to play catch with any ball or frisbee. When Shea, board member/training director, posted about the Plain City Disc Dogs league I asked her so many questions because I thought Rosie would love it. I am SO glad I did. We went to the first night of the 5 week league and we are HOOKED now!! Rosie loves practicing for this event and I am really enjoying it with her. You literally just throw a frisbee for your dog to catch. Pretty simple, right?

Okay well there are a few rules to follow but it's basically that simple. You and your dog get 90 seconds to throw and catch as many times during that time frame. You have a starting point where you and your dog start behind, cones for each distance length which are specific points when your dog catches, and you even get an extra half point if your dogs legs come off the ground to catch it. You get 2 rounds and then get scored on the top highest 5 throws I believe (ask Shea for the specifics because I am still learning). This really is such a fun sport and Rosie sure loves it along with me.

If you think this may be something right up your alley, then reach out to Shea for the next leagues sign ups. We would LOVE to have more members on our team!

Article of the Month

Boston Terriers
Author: Alma Fong- Board Member
Two part series.

Part 2:
Brachycephalic dogs can have issues with overheating, dental and jaw deformities, inflammation of their excessive skin folds and eye issues.
A dog cools itself by panting. Panting allows rapid airflow over the surface of the tongue allowing for the evaporation of heat. Brachycephalic dogs who have shortened mouth structures because of shortened jaws can’t do this as effectively. These dogs are more sensitive to heat and over exercise. They need to have cool water available at all times. Wetting down their bodies and feet, small swimming pools or the use of cooling mats can increase their comfort when the weather turns warm.

Dental problems caused by their shortened jaws causes overcrowding, tooth decay and abnormal overbites and underbites. Brachycephalic dogs do not come with smaller teeth but 42 adult teeth now have to fit in a miniature mouth.
Skin folds can be a cute feature but the rolled skin over the nose and face, at the base of the tail and across the shoulders are breeding grounds for infection. Moisture retention can cause the growth of yeast and bacteria.

Eye issues are not specific to these breeds but there is a higher percentage of occurrence in these dogs. A common issue is the rolling of the eyelid which can prevent the eye from closing fully. The eyes can protrude from the head due to smaller eye sockets. The nose which now sits very close to the eye can have hair that rubs against the eyelashes, and many have poor tear production causing dry eyes.

Should we give up on these breeds because of these health issues? We would be missing out on so many wonderful loving dogs. I was the happy owner of a beautiful little pug girl for almost 16 years. Did she snort and snuffle? Was her skin all rolls? Did she lose an eye that was scratched as a puppy? Did she eventually need teeth pulled and dentals twice a year? Yes, yes and yes. Did I love her any less for all the worry and expense? It would have been impossible. If you want one of these dogs get one, but be responsible. Educate yourself find a responsible breeder and contact breed groups and express your concerns.

Dedicated to Nellie 2000-2016. Miss you everyday sweet girl.


We are still looking for help!!

Have you thought about wanting to become a dog trainer? Did you think it would be fun but you're just nervous about doing it? Are you questioning if you can train other people to train their dogs? If you're considering any of these things then look no further! Right now the G.S.D.O.C. is looking for assistant trainers. The classes that would be great classes to learn how to assist with other talented trainers are:
  • FIC (Focus Impulse Control)
  • CGC (Canine Good Citizen)
  • Puppy
  • Obedience 1
If you are really considering if you want to be an assistant, reach out to Shea Garcia our Training Director at and she can help answer any questions you may have with this.

Happy October!

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