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Welcome to our September 2021 Newsletter!

Hello fellow dogs lovers, just giving you a heads up that our general meeting has been MOVED for this month to Thursday September 16th, 2021. Please don't show up on Tuesday. The meeting and class for Thursday September 16th, 2021 JUST FOR THIS MONTH.

FAST CAT TRIAL is on September 25-26

DESERT RATS BARN HUNT TRIAL is September 30-October 3rd

We are in the beginning of Session 4 now, but mark your calendars in advance for Session 5 registration. October 14th for members, October 16th for non-members, and classes start on October 26th!

Agility Trials will be held at the Weber County Fair Grounds in the riding arena on January 28th- 30th 2022.

Workouts for Dogs

Author: Rowan Trammell- Junior Board Member

It is important for your dogs to have workouts too. There are many great ways you can do this by taking them for a walk, playing fetch, training, and puzzles. One that my family and I like to do is hiking. Just like you and me there are things your dog needs on a hike. Some of the things we bring when we go hiking with our dog are LOTS of water, a water container, leash, treats, and poop bags. All of these are important for different reasons, even if your dog is off-leash training there can always be a situation where you need a leash. For instance, if there is a snake on the trail you don't know how your dog will respond. Leash them up just in case, to be safe. For a similar reason we bring treats, it is always good to reward them. We bring poop bags to pick up their poop because nobody likes stepping in it.

Article of the Month

Boston Terriers
Author: Alma Fong- Board Member
Two part series.

Part 1:
This month I was going to write about Boston Terriers. I started doing my research and came across an online article that showed the heads of two dogs in profile. At first glance I thought I was looking at two different dogs. The first picture showed a Boston with a recognizable nose while the second showed a Boston with almost no nose at all. So instead of writing an article about the Boston Terrier I am writing about the brachycephalic breeds.
Brachycephalic or “flat faced “ breeds like Pugs, English and French bulldogs and Boston Terriers share many characteristics. Their very baby-like features, with large forward facing eyes give them a puppy appearance that make them easy to love. Owners talk affectionately about the snorting, snuffling and snoring noises their dogs make. Unfortunately those sounds are an indicator of the breathing difficulties these dogs struggle with.
Pushing the interior structures of the head and snout into a severely shortened space causes primary and secondary problems. Primarily these dogs can have narrowed or constricted nostrils, excessive throat tissue and a soft palate that extends into the throat. The results can be a dog with a decreased ability to get adequate air supply when stressed by excitement, exercise or increased outdoor temperatures.
These breathing problems can be lessened by owner awareness. Avoiding stress and heat as well as the use of a harness instead of a collar, limiting strenuous exercise and paying particular attention to dog weight will go a long way towards helping the brachycephalic dog.

Part 2 will be in the October newsletter.


We are still looking for help!!

Have you thought about wanting to become a dog trainer? Did you think it would be fun but you're just nervous about doing it? Are you questioning if you can train other people to train their dogs? If you're considering any of these things then look no further! Right now the G.S.D.O.C. is looking for assistant trainers. The classes that would be great classes to learn how to assist with other talented trainers are:
  • FIC (Focus Impulse Control)
  • CGC (Canine Good Citizen)
  • Puppy
  • Obedience 1
If you are really considering if you want to be an assistant, reach out to Shea Garcia our Training Director at and she can help answer any questions you may have with this.

Happy September!

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